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Phyllis Flood Knerr is an organizer-coach who partners with her clients to create organizing systems that are in keeping with their personality, learning styles and aesthetic sensibilities. Then, she coaches them through the process of change to make those new systems become second nature.

Phyllis is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®) and has also received extensive training as an ADHD Coach for Adults.

She works in South Jersey, the greater Philadelphia area, and across the country via telephone to help people organize their time, space and information.

Phyllis has coached many creative individuals with ADHD in the areas of goal-setting, time management, clutter control, the use of computers, and financial organizing.

She has worked in the information technology training field since 1983 and started her own business in 1992, first teaching people how to organize their lives through the use of technology, then in the late 1990s expanding to the areas of time and space management. She is profoundly interested in how people learn, how they can change and grow, and the myriad issues that can impact one's ability to become and stay organized, achieve work-life balance and a meaningful quality of life. 

PFK Coach

Phyllis Flood Knerr


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