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Phyllis can help you manage your time, space and information and then coach you through the process of change.


  • Hands-on organizing, working side-by-side with you.  Fees are charged per hour.  An organizing session averages 3 to 5 hours in length.

  • Organizing assessment which includes an interview with you at your home or office. An report is created with product and procedural recommendations.  These are reviewed with you in person.  The cost is in the range of 3-5 hrs of consulting time and varies according to the size of the space that is being assessed (e.g., apartment, 3-story home, etc.)

  • Do you need help getting organized?

Photo Organizing

  • Phyllis will help you organize your photos, in whatever format they are.

  • She'll help you get them framed and arrange them in displays, or have them scanned to be used in slide presentations or memory books.

  • She'll also work with you to make sure your most important photos are stored in archival materials and backed up digitally so they will be safe for future generations.


  • This is usually a weekly one-hour telephone call to discuss goals, successes, challenges and strategies you want to implement.

  • Fees are paid by the month in advance.

  • Are you ready for coaching?


Computer and Information Management

  • Software recommendations and training

  • Training on PDAs, smart phones

  • Information management using a variety of tools


  • Collaboration with client, mental health professionals and others to support client with cluttering and hoarding challenges

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