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Time Management

  • Pursue excellence instead of perfection.

  • Avoid morning chaos by getting ready the night before.

  • Create a launching pad for things to take when leaving the house.

  • Make use of timers to help stay focused.

  • Divide and conquer your most dreaded tasks.

Space Management


  • Toss or give away any appliances you don't use.

  • Store items near their first use or last use.


  • Assign each person in your family a specific color of towel in the bathroom, or

  • Assign and label a hook for each person to use for his or her towel.

  • Keep a small stock of cleaning supplies in the bathroom.

Children's Rooms

  • Rotate children's toys regularly.

  • Fold and store entire outfits together to encourage children to dress themselves.

  • Have a family cleanup session. Set the timer for 15 minutes, put on some lively music and have everyone in the house do a quick cleanup.

Information Management

  • Remove your name from catalogs you never buy from. (See Website Resources).

  • Give away cookbooks you don't use. Donate them to your public library's book sale!

  • Toss the junk mail BEFORE you open it!

  • Keep invitations for upcoming events (with directions included) in a Holding File.  Note (HF) in your calendar so you know you need to check there later.

  • Whether it's regular mail or email, keep it flowing from your In box to your Out box!

  • Feeling overwhelmed? Do a brain dump!



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